Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

You know what this means?! That’s right people! Two posts in one day, whoot!! Get excited!! Yah… I’m not fooling anyone, no one reads my blog XP


I love the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. I’m not gonna say its my favorite, cuz I could never decide that, but it’s definitely one of them. But still, up till now, I’ve never actually seen the movies. Well, sort of. Twice I’ve turned on the TV on a weekend night and I’ve gotten to watch the end of one of the Pirates movies (it was the same movie both times, though I’m not sure which one of them it was). But still! Now I have seen the first one!! (I was sick yesterday and I’m fine today, but I still had to stay home from school, so I had a lot of time on my hands. Hence the 2 posts.)

So yes. Now I have seen the first POTC (hmm… No cool acronym for that movie apparently. Also, am I the only one who keeps mistaking ROTG for ROTK?) movie!! And I must say– I love it!!!!! When I saw the end of the one Pirates movie– I really must find out which one it was– I hadn’t seen Lord of the Rings yet, which made a shockingly big difference– cuz that’s just how epic LOTR is (<– see? another cooler acronym!).

The first time I saw Will in the soon-to-be-determined movie, I was instantly attracted. Same with the first time I watched The Fellowship of the Ring— I saw Legolas and I thought he was indescribably glorious. Then when the movie was over, my dad was like, “oh, yah, that’s Orlando Bloom” and my first thought was THATS THE PIRATE. So this time, when I watched it I could see that Will Turner is the same actor as my beloved Legolas, and I must say, I really like him as a brunette ;D. I noticed his voice never really changed, so it was like my Legolas was talking, he just suddenly wasn’t a blond anymore. It was really nice actually, since Legolas doesn’t really have a love interest in LOTR (A GOOD THING), and Will got to say all those adorable things about Elizabeth. I DIED INSIDE when he said “I’ll die for her” or whatever, something like that XD. Since the voice is the same I can pretend its Legolas talking about me!!! WHOOT!!!!!! (Don’t you DARE ask me which one is better I’m not ready for that kind of life-changing decision STOP I CAN’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT oh the agony)

BUT WHY AM I SPENDING THIS TIME COMPARING IT TO LOTR?!?! I really did find myself thinking about it a lot as I watched the movie, since they both have the LV (Legolas Voice) and I think they were made around the same time, not sure on that one. But still,Pirates is a legend of its own.

I love Jack Sparrow, for one thing. One very, very big thing (not to say that he’s fat or anything). Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp in one movie was all a little much for me (mind=blown, as Matt would say) but I handled it 😀

Jack Sparrow is not quite hot enough for me to be in love with him like I am with Legolas Will (OH GOD). More than anything he just reminds me of myself, and despite how incredible I am (I turn myself down occasionally, just to keep things interesting) it’s just that when someone is THAT CLOSE to being me, well… meh, I guess I’m just not an easy person to fall in love with. Either that, or it’s those dreadlocks he has. When they were talking about where he would have gotten rope to escape, and he said hair, I though he meant one of his dreadlocks, cuz those things are pretty rope-like. He used back hair though, which I realize now was actually a joke… huh. At the time I couldn’t decide if he was serious or not. Oh, well. I love his personality, he’s the funniest person. I love his sarcasm (a trait I share myself) and I think its awesome how, no matter how bad the situation is, he’s always relaxed, still making jokes. Most of the time he has a plan, too, though I can never tell when he has a plan or not. Now that’s a poker face 😀

Jack has one of the best personalities. I love how he’s always so light and careless. I hate it when I’m reading a book or watching a movie and someone says something funny but NO ONE laughs cuz they’re too busy worrying about whatever important thing is coming up in the next chapter/scene. Jack will always laugh, and I love him for it XD because of that he has some of the best lines, too, so he’s just awesome all around

also i just realized JACK SPARROW HAS THE SAME NAME JACK FROST WELL SORT OF NOT EXACTLY HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THAT BEFORE (see? less than 140 characters. 135, actually).

So yes, I am in love with Will Turner and his Legolas Voice, the adorableness between Will and Elizabeth, Jack Sparrow’s epic-ness, the storyline, the ride, the costumes, the actors, all of it. I am dying to watch the next one (maybe THATS the one I saw the end of! Who knows?) but I only have the first one for 24 hours (actually more like 18 now, maybe 19, I got it around 3:30) so I go now to watch it AGAIN!!! Yeah!