Jack Frost

Yup… I’m FROSTBITTEN.  Because Jack Frost is a glorious human being spirit… god… guardian, whatever he is.  I don’t know.  BUT I’M SURE ITS GLORIOUS. I loved him the second I saw the first commercial for Rise of the Guardians in the theatres. At first I thought he looked kinda like Jem Carstairs from Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince with that hair, but really, the hair is the only thing that’s the same. Jem is Chinese, which my Jack is most definitely NOT, different eyes, too, and build, and also their personalities couldn’t be more different. So I love Jack even more than Jem. ‘Cuz Jem is sweet, but a little too sweet. I need a badass in my life, which Jack most certainly is ;D

OH HOLY OF HOLIES. Though he still does have a sweet side… really, he’s the perfect combination of both.

OH HOW I ADORE HIM. He’s really the most incredible person. I know, I know, falling in love with fictional characters. I’m doing it again. *facepalm* BUT GOD DAMMIT I CAN’T HELP IT!! He’s just so amazing!!!!!! And its sort of worse this time, since not only does he not exist, but he’s a cartoon character. A bloody cartoon character. I guess that’s just cuz no one can be that sexy in real life ;D

I mean, just ask the people at Dreamworks who made the movie. Probably one of the hardest parts of making RoTG was finding the perfect person for Jack’s voice, because not just any person can play him. But unfortunately, they didn’t. I DON’T MEAN TO OFFEND I’m a movie maker myself, and I know how hard it is and I have a healthy appreciation for all movie makers, but it is my own personal opinion that I don’t really like Jack Frost’s voice. I read on the IMDB page that Leonardo DiCaprio was supposed to do the voice of Jack Frost, and I’ve never really seen him in a movie, but I think he would have done a really great job with it. But then he had to quit (or was he fired? IMDB didn’t say…) and the movie makers probably didn’t have too much time to find a replacement. So they went with Chris Pine, who wouldn’t have been MY choice, but still… His voice is just too deep for Jack, who’s supposed to be 17, yet here Chris Pine comes skipping along, playing his character with his stupid 32-year old voice. Grrrrr…. Though, when I watched the movie, the voicing didn’t throw me off or distract me as much as I had thought it would, and after a while I was pretty used to it. There were still a few spots where I found myself cringing, though (I hate the way he says “snowballs and fun times”). Still, it could be a lot worse, and they did a really good job with what they had.

My friend Cindy got to see the movie on Wednesday afternoon, and I didn’t get to see it till Friday, so we were talking about it on Wednesday night. She said she wished she were the little girl Jack carries home in one scene, and I agree, that part was really adorable. I was thinking, and I think maybe I’d rather be Baby Tooth, the little fairy Jack loves so much.

Then I thought some more… and, really, I think out of all the things he interacts with in the movie, I’d rather be his staff. I mean, have you seen how he holds that thing? Yum.

ah…. I’m naughty. I know. But still… *licks lips*

This post is already pretty long, so I’ll try to cut it short– but first I MUST RANT ABOUT HIS HORRIBLY SAD BACKSTORY. just a little rant. I promise. It was just so sad and adorable his little sister was really cute and OH THE FEELS and what he did for her it took me a while to figure it out at first I thought he was being mean and he was trying to play a joke on her but then i realized he was trying to save her life without scaring her and then when he used the stick thingy that later became his staff i was like OH THATS WHY ITS CURVED and then her face when he sank and i just can’t decide whether i like his hair better when it was brown or white no you know what i think i like it better white and THIS IS WHY TWITTER LIMITS ME TO ONLY 140 CHARACTERS. THIS IS WHY.


So maybe that wasn’t a little rant. But it could have been a lot worse. I may have to do a follow-up post in a few days and cover all the things I missed in this one, but I have a movie to watch now. Bye!– but first: