The Hobbit

I’m a LOTR nerd, you all know that (though I do it with CLASS). So of course, The Hobbit has been out for a week now, and already I’ve seen it twice. The first time I saw it in 3D, but the glasses were kind of a pain to wear over my regular glasses, and I had to leave the theatre in the middle to use the bathroom (when I came back from the bathroom, I thought my sunglasses were the 3D glasses and I kept putting them on then cleaning them with my shirt trying to figure out why it was so dark all of a sudden, LOL). With the bathroom thing and the 5 minutes it took me to figure out the glasses, I missed most of the part about Radagast the Brown. Which is why, when I found out my friend Cindy still hadn’t seen The Hobbit, I offered to use my two free movie passes–that I won from knowing Hobbit trivia–to go see it (again) with her. We didn’t see it in 3D this time, and I STILL had to leave to use the bathroom (it’s a 3 hour-long movie, people, c’mon!) but at least it was at a different part. I didn’t miss too much the first time, ‘cuz that Radagast guy is pretty weird, but that hedgehog is SO CUTE!!! JEcI0
But seriously though, the movie was AMAZING! The Hobbit is only one book, and they’ve split it up into three movies– and not short movies, either, I mentioned before the first one was 3 hours long. I know a lot of people were worried the movies would be really bad, but I think they’ve done an incredible job with it (YAY FOR EVERYONE WHO WORKED ON THIS MOVIE I KNOW THERES A LOT OF YOU BUT YOU ALL DESERVE A PAT ON THE BACK MAYBE MORE IDK). If you read the LOTR books, then watch the movies, even if you watch the extended versions you can still see just how much they had to leave out. With The Hobbit, by splitting into 3 long movies they can do it all– and more. In the book, the Necromancer is just someone who Gandalf has to leave the dwarves to take care of for a while. Tolkien never goes into who/what the Necromancer is, how Gandalf defeated it, or who helped him (if anyone). Now they go all out telling what happened there, and the part in Rivendell with the Lady Galandriel and Saruman, too, was just incredible. Seeing him before he was all evil was awesome, though he wasn’t really a good guy in this movie, still kind of a jerk, though of course the line about the mushrooms was so funny. XD
Also, I read in an article that they go into more detail with Bard’s past (Bard is the archer guy who actually kills the dragon). In the book Tolkien just mentions something about his wife and child dying, but Peter Jackson says, “Bard is an interesting character, but [in the book] he’s kind of a random character who comes in… We take more time introducing him. We know from what follows that he was a father, so we [explore] the fact. I don’t think we take liberties, because it’s all there in the storytelling.” I’m pretty excited for that, since before the movie came out I would dream that I got a part in The Hobbit where I was Bard’s little sister and when I got hurt by the dragon and then Legolas came and healed me and all that… but yeah, that never happened, obviously (that would be a DREAM COME TRUE best thing that could ever possibly happen to me) but it still gave me an interest in Bard.
And then, of course, there was Kili. He’s actually a dwarf if you can believe it, though most people think he doesn’t look like one. Because, really, dwarves are just not that sexy.
I was watching one of those video blogs Peter Jackson made showing the filming of the movie (they were amazing, it just makes me wish I were in the movie THAT MUCH MORE) and even the other dwarves agreed that Kili is the sexy dwarf. For a lot of people, Legolas was the reason they enjoyed the Lord of the Rings, and I will freely admit he was a very big reason for me. Legolas isn’t in the first Hobbit movie, and Kili replaced him as the eye candy for the movie, and a lot of girls (like me) are very, very pleased.
The first time I saw it I took in everything as best as I could and just enjoyed the Hobbit-ness of it all, but the second time around I just watched what Kili was doing. Every time he did something badass, I would spazz out, and my friend would smack me. Of course, he’s an archer too, like Legolas, always shooting people and stuff. He’s reckless, too, and so funny. His laugh is incredible, every time another dwarf did something funny he’d crack up and I’d die just watching him.
so yah, Kili’s amazing, and he’s played by the actor Aiden Turner, who also plays Luke in the upcoming City of Bones movie!!! The author, Cassandra Clare, is an even bigger LOTR nerd than I am (at least I think she is…. that’s what I’m led to believe from her blog). She was on set a lot, and I don’t know how she didn’t spazz out every time she talked to him. I mean, the guy has worked with Orlando Bloom, Peter Jackson, Martin Freeman, all these amazing people, and the fact that he’s in HER movie working as one of HER characters would kill me if I were her, though the post about Aiden was remarkably calm. I was disappointed. Ah, well.
The second Hobbit movie comes out December 13th, 2013, and, honestly, I just don’t think I can wait that long. In fact, yeah, there’s no way I am waiting that long.
Because I absolutely ADORED the first movie, and the second one is going to be even BETTER. Why, you ask? Because Kili AND Legolas are going to be in it! OMIGOSH SO EXCITING!!! I FLIPPED OUT when I found out he was going to be in it (which was actually in the middle of a grocery store, so ah… yeah…)
so exciting! a lot of people I mention it to say it doesn’t make sense for him to be in it. But seriously, I mean, come on people, pay attention to the facts (or just read the books a lot closer). In the Hobbit book, they just call the elf king of Mirkwood “Elvenking”. In the first LOTR book, it states clearly that Legolas is the son of that king, whose name is revealed to be Thandriul. Yeah, you know that guy on the moose? That one is Legolas’ father. And since Legolas was a little more than 300 when the LOTR books were going on, and the Hobbit happens only about 50 years before that, clearly Legolas was still alive and kicking when the dwarves get to his dad’s court. In the LOTR movies Legolas and Gimli have this bromance going on, and Gimli’s dad, Gloin, actually talks with Legolas a bit in one of the movies. In one part Legolas is looking at Gloin’s locket which has a picture of his wife and son in it. Since his wife is a dwarf she has a beard, and Legolas says, “What ugly creature is this!” and Gloin gets all insulted XP There’s only one picture of him out, and he’s talking to Bard the Bowman. His eyes look so blue, but I think it may just be the angle of the camera.

My room has also been Hobbit-ifyied. I bought myself the calendar, and even though it’s still December 2012, the calendar has been stuck on December 2013, the month with Legolas on it. Coincidence? I think not! Also I got 2 Hobbit posters from my friends (the same one, actually). One is hanging on my wall… at least most of the time, it keeps falling off. Also for Christmas I got a LOTR key chain (I love it, though actually I have yet to put a key on it, I just wear it as sort of a ring), a book about the art design of the Hobbit, and (indirectly) a hobbit T-shirt. OH YES!
So basically, I LOVED the Hobbit so much, and I very well may die before the next movie comes out. I want SO BADLY to see my Legolas, and also I’m really looking forward to the barrel scene, which looks like a lot of fun.
I will leave you with that, hope everyone that saw it loved the movie as much as I did!