Never Trust a Duck

Those of you who know me personally, you will know that I am a firm believer in the evil of all ducks. This page is dedicated to that. Like or comment if you will never trust a duck!!

tumblr_mg1f77hf1R1reli55o12_r1_250 no killing philtumblr_mi3bsqpIhm1s2l1w7o1_500tumblr_m33izm7h0b1ro4fjco1_r1_500 25225011 2974782523_da2fb34674 Pacific Black Duck tid__will_you_be_my_parabatai__by_felwyn-d4uvunn tumblr_mff1rfUzYn1r8we4ao7_250 x2_ca34c11 you-got-evil-duck-demotivational-poster-1286925268tumblr_m41f7fCIPk1qck31zo1_500


5 thoughts on “Never Trust a Duck

  1. serenity says:

    My worst fears have been relized

  2. Kimberly Norris says:

    Hey Alice… I just finished making a new never trust a duck shot… I hope you like it! If you send your email address, I can send it to you. My sister says Hi to Max and has some advice: if he’s a pain, threaten to spit on him or hang him upside down!

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