About Me


Random and Unnecessary Stuff About Me!!

    •  Favorite Music: Mostly pop, some rock, and a lot of movie soundtracks.
    •  Favorite Songs: Starstruck by 30H3!, Strut by Adam Lambert, and Missing You by David Guetta
    •  Favorite Artists: David Guetta, Adam Lambert, Pitbull, Maroon 5
    •  My Pet: Lucy, my Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever puppy
      lucy and a
    • Favorite Vacation Place: Universal Studios Theme Park. Best place ever! (for people like me who love movie making)
    • Favorite Holiday: Halloween!!!! I love getting to dress up, and I dread the day when I’m too old for it :C
    • Place I’ve Always Wanted to Go: London
    • Best Friends: Serenity, Grace, Cindy, and Makenzie
    • Favorite Colour(s): Blue, green, and silver.
    • Favorite Food: TACOS!!!
    • Favorite Book: Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare
    • Favorite Restaurant: Taco Bell
    • Favorite Broadway Musical: West Side Story
    • Favorite Movies:  LOTR, The Mummy, etc…. there are so many….
    • My Fandoms (this is a long list, so brace yourself) and My Favorite Characters From Each:
      Lord of the Flies– Jack Merridew
      jack paint          Lord of the Rings– Legolas
      Legolas          Harry Potter– Draco Malfoy
      Draco-Malfoy-Wallpaper-draco-malfoy-25527019-1024-768          The Hobbit– Kili
      kili          Pirates of the Caribbean– Will Turner
      nice hat          The Avengers– Loki
      loki          Rise of the Guardians– Jack Frost
      jack hood          The Infernal Devices– Will Herondale
      2          Hush, Hush– Patch Cipriano
      patch          The Croods– Guy
      123          Peter Pan (2003)– Peter
      peter pan sword          Once Upon A Time– Rumpelstiltskin
      124866_d_2522_ful_FULL        Hades– Jake Thorn
      jake thorn

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. What is the actor who plays Jake Thorn? I need to know

  2. Ella says:

    What is real name pleasee?(Patch)

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