Jack Frost

Yup… I’m FROSTBITTEN.  Because Jack Frost is a glorious human being spirit… god… guardian, whatever he is.  I don’t know.  BUT I’M SURE ITS GLORIOUS. I loved him the second I saw the first commercial for Rise of the Guardians in the theatres. At first I thought he looked kinda like Jem Carstairs from Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince with that hair, but really, the hair is the only thing that’s the same. Jem is Chinese, which my Jack is most definitely NOT, different eyes, too, and build, and also their personalities couldn’t be more different. So I love Jack even more than Jem. ‘Cuz Jem is sweet, but a little too sweet. I need a badass in my life, which Jack most certainly is ;D

OH HOLY OF HOLIES. Though he still does have a sweet side… really, he’s the perfect combination of both.

OH HOW I ADORE HIM. He’s really the most incredible person. I know, I know, falling in love with fictional characters. I’m doing it again. *facepalm* BUT GOD DAMMIT I CAN’T HELP IT!! He’s just so amazing!!!!!! And its sort of worse this time, since not only does he not exist, but he’s a cartoon character. A bloody cartoon character. I guess that’s just cuz no one can be that sexy in real life ;D

I mean, just ask the people at Dreamworks who made the movie. Probably one of the hardest parts of making RoTG was finding the perfect person for Jack’s voice, because not just any person can play him. But unfortunately, they didn’t. I DON’T MEAN TO OFFEND I’m a movie maker myself, and I know how hard it is and I have a healthy appreciation for all movie makers, but it is my own personal opinion that I don’t really like Jack Frost’s voice. I read on the IMDB page that Leonardo DiCaprio was supposed to do the voice of Jack Frost, and I’ve never really seen him in a movie, but I think he would have done a really great job with it. But then he had to quit (or was he fired? IMDB didn’t say…) and the movie makers probably didn’t have too much time to find a replacement. So they went with Chris Pine, who wouldn’t have been MY choice, but still… His voice is just too deep for Jack, who’s supposed to be 17, yet here Chris Pine comes skipping along, playing his character with his stupid 32-year old voice. Grrrrr…. Though, when I watched the movie, the voicing didn’t throw me off or distract me as much as I had thought it would, and after a while I was pretty used to it. There were still a few spots where I found myself cringing, though (I hate the way he says “snowballs and fun times”). Still, it could be a lot worse, and they did a really good job with what they had.

My friend Cindy got to see the movie on Wednesday afternoon, and I didn’t get to see it till Friday, so we were talking about it on Wednesday night. She said she wished she were the little girl Jack carries home in one scene, and I agree, that part was really adorable. I was thinking, and I think maybe I’d rather be Baby Tooth, the little fairy Jack loves so much.

Then I thought some more… and, really, I think out of all the things he interacts with in the movie, I’d rather be his staff. I mean, have you seen how he holds that thing? Yum.

ah…. I’m naughty. I know. But still… *licks lips*

This post is already pretty long, so I’ll try to cut it short– but first I MUST RANT ABOUT HIS HORRIBLY SAD BACKSTORY. just a little rant. I promise. It was just so sad and adorable his little sister was really cute and OH THE FEELS and what he did for her it took me a while to figure it out at first I thought he was being mean and he was trying to play a joke on her but then i realized he was trying to save her life without scaring her and then when he used the stick thingy that later became his staff i was like OH THATS WHY ITS CURVED and then her face when he sank and i just can’t decide whether i like his hair better when it was brown or white no you know what i think i like it better white and THIS IS WHY TWITTER LIMITS ME TO ONLY 140 CHARACTERS. THIS IS WHY.


So maybe that wasn’t a little rant. But it could have been a lot worse. I may have to do a follow-up post in a few days and cover all the things I missed in this one, but I have a movie to watch now. Bye!– but first:



35 thoughts on “Jack Frost

  1. FairyWinkle says:

    Hi Alice! Im a huge fangirl of Jack and Im glad to hear that you are too. Yeah, this boy has stolen everybody’s heart even though he’s a cartoon character. You know, i dont give a sh*t if he’s not real. What matters is that he makes me happy. Besides, im not the only one who says this: If you’re in luv with a cartoon, you may be crazy, but if you’re in luv with jack frost, you’re totally normal! Btw, he is 18 so his voice is…just ok and ya said yor a film maker. Is that true? Honestly, i cant believe ya.

    • Alice says:

      yeah, I mean, I’m not a professional film maker; my longest movie was barely over 11 minutes long, and pretty lame. Still I have a youtube account with all my movies and I’ve made quite a few, just for fun with my friends, really. Still I’m really interested in movies and film making and I’d like to make a career out of it later.

  2. IluvJackFr says:

    OMG! You’re so right! Jack is amazing. You know, i hadnt heard about jack frost till i saw that awesome movie! He’s a babe. Btw, do you know if they’re gonna make a sequel? I dont want this film to be the last appearance of jack. I want more jack frost. Please, reply soon!

    • Alice says:

      oh my gosh, me neither! I would love a sequel! I never thought about it before, but I did some reasearch and the producers said that if the first one went well, they would like to make a sequel. Personally, with all the Jack fangirls I think it went really well– maybe we’ll be getting a seqeuel soon, then! they should make it come out around Easter like how for the first movie was around Christmas (i doubt that’ll happen though… still, it’d be cool XD) thanks for the comment, i love the feedback ❀

  3. FairyWinkle says:

    Ok, thanks for the reply. You’re really a great person! Can ya make a movie for jack? I would be happy to see one. There are so many jack frost videos on youtube but neitha of them lasts long and that annoys me to death. I would like to see a fangirl video about jack which is over than 2 min. and i know that you will make a good job IF you do this. Will you buy the rotg dvd when it comes out, btw?

    • Alice says:

      omigod, I already did make a Jack movie ;D lol, thats so funny. I love Adam Lambert, so I used his song Pop that Lock for the video, which was kind of weird cuz the song has cuss words and its a PG kids movie, but oh well, I couldn’t think of anything better. and I used the whole song, so hopefully its long enough… here it is, its not great, but I hope you like it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRh7r-Alc6A also yes, I will DEFINATELY buy the DVD!!!

  4. AliceT1 says:

    I agree with you Alice. Jack is super sexy, but his voice is not so good. Fortunately he is 17,18 so never mind. He is every girl’s dream boy!

  5. FairyWinkle says:

    Oh! I forgot to say that i love that boom boom song by justice crew and it would be great if it was featured in a jack frost vid. Pretty sexy.

    • Alice says:

      yeah, I looked it up and I like the song a lot πŸ˜€ I’m right in the middle of a Hobbit video right now, but as soon as I get the chance I’ll make one with this song πŸ˜€

  6. FairyWinkle says:

    OMG! ALICE YOU’RE WONDERFUL! That vid. was amazing and not too short. Im also happy that yor gonna make a jack vid feauturing justice Crew. Thank ya very much <3! Wow! And i cant wait for your new Hobbit vid! Im sure it will be AWESOME!

  7. IluvJackFr says:

    Thank you for the information and oh god! I have crossed fingers. Yeah, Jack has many fangirls, It would be a shame if he didnt appear again. You know, i have a crush on a boy but every time i think about jack, i say WHAT THE HELL?! Jack is not compared with anyone even though he’s not real! Just you cant resist his face, am i right? And im a teenager but that doesht mean i have to leave my childhood behind. I mean, that movie made me feel like a 7 years old kid who still believes in santa claus!

  8. FairyWinkle says:

    Hey, Alice! I have rotg news! Ive read that a sequel titled rise of the guardians 2 is coming out May 15 2015 and a TV show based on rotg is airing in 2013. I donno but someone said that dis inf was found on dreamorks website. Omg, Alice, hope it’s true. Vat do ya think? Btw, have ya made another jack vid featuring dat song i told you about? I cant wait and thanks:-D

  9. FairyWinkle says:

    Alice… I… Im at a loss for words! Its amazing, awesome, beautiful, fascinating, great, cool, sexy… I donno how to describe it. Thank you very very very much! Its not too short and i love it. My friends are here right now and they’re all WOW! You did a great job and we love you and i know you will be an amazing film maker in the future. We’re fangirling over jack frost right now thanks to ya! Love ya very much. Omg! I cant wait for your next vid! <3.

  10. FairyWinkle says:

    I ALSO FREAKIN LUV DAT SONG NAMED MAHABOU BY ANTONIA! Btw, i have a question for ya Alice. Do you luv the jack/tooth ship? Personally i hate it! Dat girl is covered with feathers and has not hair! She hasnt even breasts! I mean she is not a girl… She is a bird. Jack is not for her. This is my opinion…

    • Alice says:

      ugh, not at all. Before I even saw the movie I read online that there’s supposed to be something between them (on the official site and everything) so I hated her from the very beginning. That, and she’s pretty annoying. I’m terrified that they’ll make Jack and Tooth go out or something in the sequel :C

  11. FairyWinkle says:

    Sequel? They’re makin a sequel???

  12. FairyWinkle says:

    Sequel? How come?

  13. FairyWinkle says:

    F….! I made the same question, damn it! Sorry, it’s my lame internet 😦

  14. RiAngel says:

    I love jack soooo much. He is my little angel ❀ and yes, I agree with you girls. Tooth is not for him.

  15. FairyWinkle says:

    I also wonder if the jack fangirls age 14-25 r more than the fangirls age 9-13, cuz jack is 18… Kinda strange that jack’s fans are called… Frostitutes. Well, i prefer to be called snowflake or frostbitten.

  16. Deppy157 says:

    Hey, Alice do you like Jack with brown hair or white hair? Human Jack is pretty cute while immortal Jack is amazingly hot. I can’t decide who will be my crush…

    • Alice says:

      I agree, they’re both really amazing. Of course, the first version of Jack we all see is the white haired one (though personally I like to think of it as silver, since a character in one of my books also has hair like that) so that’s the one most people like and are used to. His eyes also changed, so if you like blue eyes better,then I’d go with the immortal Jack. Though my personal favorite is the human one, because I love the whole dark-hair-dark-eyes-pale-skin look, which, incidentally, makes Jack look a lot like my crush in real life πŸ˜‰ But since I’m biased, its up to you– really, this is Jack we’re talking about, there is no wrong answer πŸ™‚

  17. Deppy157 says:

    Lol! I had a ‘human Jack’ crush in real life, too!:D Oh, well I think they’re both my crush, but I wish we knew more about his past and his sister:( Do you?

    • Alice says:

      I probably don’t know too much more than what was in the movie– I know he lived with his mum and baby sister, and his dad probably died when he was really young. He was sort of a trouble maker, always running around and playing pranks with the other kids in his village. The village he grew up in was called Burgess, England, and when he was jack frost he was drawn there every year and he called it ”home” though he didn’t really know why.

  18. Deppy157 says:

    Lol! I had a ‘human crush’ in real life, too!:D Oh, well I think they’re both my crush, but I wish we knew more about his past and his sister. Do you?

  19. Deppy157 says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen the movie and I cried when I learned that he didn’t know who he was, but I don’t think that his father had died. Then, who was that man Jack’s sister was talking with?

  20. Deppy157 says:

    Jack was at the village and he tried to make people see him. If you look closer, you’ll see a girl talking with a man. It is confirmed that the girl is Jack’s sister. Uhm… Im sorry that I didn’t get it, but what do you mean by saying you’ll never to watch it again?

    • Alice says:

      What? O_o oh, hell. I meant I will watch it again– stupid auto-correct. Also the guy could be a police officer or an uncle or something…. Idk

  21. Deppy157 says:

    It’s okXD I have a crazy auto-correct, too so I don’t use it. And yes, you’re right. That man wasn’t probably Jack’s father, so yeah. The only thing I know for sure is that his parents must have been very beautiful to give birth to an extremely hot son. Am I right or am I right? πŸ˜€

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  24. Esmeralda Villa says:

    I love it ❀ i was thinking that im the only one that loves jack frost but i see that im not the only one :') And im agree with you , no one in the world is more sexy that jack frost…. Well i think that one in the world can be like jack frost , but DANM its to sexy , so i think that one in the world can be like him but we cant find him…. Or maybe jack frost ir R-E-A-L as we think that is sexy ,you imagine if will be like in the movie?? OMG I in love with him but is only a movie 😦 but if you look for him you will find her :3

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