I love the Hush, Hush series. Ruslan Aepli got me addicted to them, of all people. He owned the first book, and he lent it to my friend Serenity to read, and she lent it to me when she was done (Ruslan actually decided to let Serenity keep it, but she doesn’t even like the books, so its mine now. Deal with it). I’ve bought the hardcover versions of all the other books, and I completely adore them. They are seriously some of my favorite books, and I read so many, so that’s really saying something. I’ve been waiting for the fourth book since forever, and I finally got it at Wal-mart this weekend, and I must say… it is beyond glorious. Completely amazing. No other book has an ending that is just SO DAMN PERFECT AND HAPPY!! I didn’t think it was possible. Everything just seemed so jacked up, like there could never be a completely perfect ending, BUT THERE WAS. ‘CUZ ITS JUST THAT AMAZING. I mean, sure, Scott dies, but whatever, I never liked him much anyway…

Anyway, this is the beautiful cover ;D

Serenity hates it with a fiery, burning passion, and I’ll admit it’s not the GREATEST of covers, but there’s nothing wrong with it at all. Believe me, I have seen worse. I’ve found this one, and it’s another picture they took and considered using for the cover but decided not to. I think this one is really pretty, though it shows even more of Patch’s bare chest, and that freaks Serenity out more than it should (and not in a good, oh-my-gosh-he’s-so-hot kind of way, either).

And here’s the legit trailer. This one is the best of all the books, and it’s still not great. They make Nora seem a lot more bad-ass and confident than in the books. When I grow up, I’d love to work for Simon & Schuster and be the person who makes the trailers.

His hair isn’t so great in either picture, but from the way he’s described in the book, Patch has got to be the sexiest person in any book I’ve ever read. Most of the books I like to read all have some girl falling in love with an undeniably sexy guy, but out of all of them, Patch is by far the sexiest. THE SEXIEST I TELL YOU. He is my perfect man, and I feel like crying when I think about how he doesn’t even exist and how sad my real life is. :C I guess if he was real, he’d be with Nora anyway and not me, but still… sad face.

I think this book is my favorite of them all. The is just SO MUCH LOVE between Patch and Nora, and enough hot guys hanging around Nora to get Patch all worked up and jealous, which is exactly the sort of thing that gets me all hot and bothered ;D Also, Patch has plenty of opportunities to get overprotective in this book, as suddenly Nora is a target and all these Nephilim want to kill her. So I LOVE it when Blakely stabs Nora and Patch flips out!!!!! More adorable thing ever I died inside. They fight a little, too, but not as much as in Crecsendo, where they’re fighting through the whole book, which I didn’t really like (though, again, Patch was always getting uber-jealous in that one, too). Patch almost dies, too, IT WAS SO SAD. I thought he was really dead. But he wasn’t! Yay!

My favorite part? Or parts, rather? This is just to give you a taste of the book:
1.) When Nora is stabbed with a knife loaded with devilcraft and Patch is freaked out
2.) When the bad guy (I’m not saying who…) ties up Patch with a whip made of devilcraft and he won’t move for a long time and Nora is freaked out. Cutest thing ever, I swear– Nora is kissing him when he wakes up, and he pulls her on top of him, and she is terrified she’ll hurt him more, but he won’t let her get off ;D
3.) When Patch finds out that, not only did Damian gave Nora a drink with devilcraft in it, but Pepper also tried to kidnap her, all in one day.
4.) The unbelievably perfect end!!! So happy!
5.) The last line… “I undress to impress.” patch… so smexy ;D

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the books, too. Read them if you get a chance, you don’t have to buy it, just get them at the library, I swear you will love it!!


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